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Taking lessons at Pickleball Palace has been amazing - giving me not only the skills to improve my game, but also providing a community of players, many of whom I now call friends. I truly appreciate the talent of all of the instructors. They impart their knowledge of the game, enthusiastically teaching to the level of the players. And kudos to Rebecca and Sari for answering all our questions, for being able to accommodate so many last minute cancellations, and for doing everything in an honest and friendly manner. Thank you!

-Linda Mast; West Orange, NJ


Pickleball Palace is nothing short of excellent. I have a lot of experience dealing with racquet sport organizations, and based on my experience, Pickleball Palace ranks amongst the top. The owners - Sari and Rebecca - are truly a pleasure to work with. They are very responsive to their clients and work hard to accommodate their requests/needs in a timely and friendly manner. Sari, Rebecca, and the instructors really make an effort to get to know their clients, and they are all passionate about Pickleball!!! 

-Nancy Troop


When I think of Pickleball Palace I think of FUN, FRIENDS, and FITNESS! Pickleball Palace is a warm and welcoming place where I can focus on having fun and trying to improve each day. The instructors are skilled, knowledgeable, patient, kind, and know how to get the best out of me. Sari and Rebecca bend over backwards to ensure each client has the absolute best experience possible; their attention to detail and customer service is unmatched. Since I have started playing at Pickleball Palace about two years ago I have met some of my closest friends, and I have gotten into the best shape of my life (and I’m in my 40s)! Because of all of this, I keep coming back!

-Danielle Stein; Livingston, NJ


I have been playing and learning pickleball at Palace for many years now. First of all, Sari and Rebecca are 2 of the most caring and professional business owners I have met and have had the pleasure of working with.I had seen that one of my social media friends had been going to the Palace and it piqued my interest and my first lesson there was a private one with Rebecca. The rest is history. I had already been playing for a couple of years, and soon after I started playing and learning at Pickleball Palace, I realized I had previously learned very little about this game, despite participating in many clinics elsewhere. Slowly but surely, I began to understand the game more and more, and the revelations were magical! I have been taking clinics, private lessons, participating in leagues and ‘play with the pro’, and I literally learn something new each and every day I am on the courts. The instructors, including Sari and Rebecca, are amazing. One doesn’t automatically teach well because he/she is proficient at something. All of the instructors at Palace are so very good at teaching this sport and they always make sure we are having fun. I continue to be hungry to learn and improve my game and that is why I will continue to return to Palace time after time, as their teaching model is unparalleled. Palace is my pickleball home! Thank you for everything you do!!

-Leslie Kaufman; Sucasunna, NJ


We all know pickleball is addicting but playing at Pickleball Palace is awesome. Classes are fun -you meet people and the instructors are patient. You take the time to make sure we are in a class that is a good fit. There are days I may wake up on the wrong side of the bed but after my PWP class I’m feeling wonderful! Thank you Pickleball Palace.

-Trish Calderone


Pickleball Palace has been an incredible mecca for enthusiasts of this enjoyable sport for both people brand new to Pickleball all the way through advanced pro's. I personally have marveled over how easily friendships have been made on the court leading to social interactions off the court as well. There are a great team of instructors that cheerfully encourage you to become a better player, each with their own personality. It's more than a fun place to enjoy the sport, it's a place to make new friends, and become a better player. I absolutely love the Pickleball Palace!

-Ann Shoshkes


I have had the great fortune of being a student of this game with Pickleball Palace. Instruction is top notch and with a variety of ways to learn from group lessons, play with a pro and private lessons–fun and improvement guaranteed and can be tailor fit to any budget. Thank you to all the pros! 

-Jeff Clemente


I always have a great pickleball experience while working on my game at Pickleball Palace. I learn something new each class. Now in my third year as an active participant/ student there. Excellent coaches, all.

-Aggie Kushner


I first teamed up with Pickleball Palace to take lessons on the proper way to play the game. While doing so I learned more about their full array of continuing opportunities along with their friendly and well trained staff. This has allowed me to build on the lessons I was taking, whether it be continual improvement, playing non-competitively or competitively. Appreciatively, Pickleball Palace monitors signups to programs to help safeguard against uneven competition making play more fun, rewarding, and encouraging me to play more often. I give Pickleball Palace a thumbs up.

-Darryl Haffner


Pickleball Palace has the best pros, hands down. The skills I have learned from the pros at Pickleball Palace have taken my game to the next level and have increased my enjoyment of the game exponentially. The pros are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and such a pleasure to learn from. Have learned different tips and tricks from each one. Take some clinics - you will not be disappointed!

-Amanda Loughren


At 66, I'd never played a sport before. A friend was playing with Pickleball Palace and was loving it. I needed to do something more active so I gave it a try. That was almost 1 1/2 years ago. Thanks to the Pickleball Palace, I'm learning a lot, improving all the time and am meeting a lot of great people.

-Michelle Langsam


The pros at Pickleball Palace are simply the best -- they are highly skilled, articulate, and most importantly FUN. I have learned so much from my instruction there over the past 18 months. 

-Nicole Nelson


Pickleball Palace is wonderful!  I started as a newbie last year, and my play has grown a lot.  The owners and coaches are so friendly and helpful.  They are dedicated to helping you find your place in the game, and achieving your goals.  They offer a wide variety of programs.  I have done clinics, boot camps and open plays.  Most of all, the players are such nice and fun people, and I have enjoyed the experience of meeting new people who I can play with.

-Carol Pomerantz


I took my first lesson at Pickleball Palace in 2020, and have been participating in play-with-pro and clinic sessions ever since. PP is well managed and efficiently operated, with a staff that is hands-on and always responsive to client needs and requests. I have found that every instructor offers valuable insight, each from their own perspective, helping improve my skills, game strategy and overall enjoyment of this fabulous game. Thank you!

-Kate Schmidt


Playing pickleball gives me a natural high! I always walk off the court in a jovial mood. Sari and Rebecca have truly created a "public service"and a warm, welcoming community.  I have made so many delightful friends. Every instructor is remarkable; with his or her own unique style. I particularly enjoy Play with Pro. I learn something new each session. Hoping to put it all together! I just turned 70; pickleball keeps me feeling youthful.  I'm thrilled to be part of the Pickleball Palace family.  

-Barbara Cohen 


As pickleball has become the fastest growing sport of late, Pickleball Palace has become the optimal place to experience it! Everything about it is a winner!!! I love the game and the community, which I attribute to the caring, dedicated and expert staff at PP!

-Judy Wile


Pickleball Palace have amazing instructors who are engaging and welcoming. I made lifelong friendships. And Palace staff have become my family. 

-Joe Bucchino


Rebecca and Sari do it right! I’ve taken private lessons, clinics and played in leagues and open play. They are organized and keep it fresh by offering many different ways to play, including drop in. Thank you Pickleball Palace for teaching me how to play this fun sport!

-Lorraine Survis; Short Hills


I am so happy to be a part of Pickleball Palace. This is where I learned how to play. I love going there to do round robins and clinics. The instructors are all really great!!!   For anyone out there who wants to start to play, I highly recommend them.   

-Toby Cederbaum 


Pickleball Palace has become more than a place for me to learn to play and love the game of pickleball, it has been a community for me to make some of my closest friends. There is nothing better than getting on the court for a clinic, play with a pro or league and laughing with friends while getting my pickle on.

-Jennifer Mullen


I started pickleball in July, 2022. I love it. The instructors are all patient, great, and their love of the sport is evident in their teaching styles. I have also enrolled in robin robins. Being a beginner, I was a little nervous because clearly some of the women are better than me. Everyone has been extremely welcoming. I have made some new Pickleball friends. The program at Pickball Palace is exceptional and the effort made to accommodate everyone's wants and needs is great! Thank you.

-Sue Goldstein 


I was a little hesitant at first about signing up for pickleball with a pro. After trying it, I loved it and got so much out of it, that I actually signed up for a second session! The instructors are great and really helped my game immensely in terms of knowing what shots to hit when, how to hit those shots and where to be on the court. If you want to take your game to the next level, I would highly recommend it. 

-Lori Kaufman


Coming to Pickleball Palace is my favorite part of the week, whether it is playing in the league or doing a clinic session. I love the friendly community and wonderful instructors and fellow pickleball enthusiasts. It is the perfect way to get exercise and have fun at the same time! 

-Shuwei Wang

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